Delaware Humane Association searching for volunteer pet snugglers

Delaware Humane Association has received an overwhelming number of applications after they announced they were searching for volunteer pet snugglers.

The job sounds like a relaxing escape from our hectic lives, but the Association warns that specific vetting and training is required to be a snuggler.

"This specific volunteer option is part of our Level 2 opportunities. You must submit an application, go through general orientation, complete 8 hours of Level 1 volunteering, to then be qualified to assist in our medical department," said Delaware Humane Association's Facebook post.

The pets that require extra snugs are ones that just got out of surgery. Typically, these pets were just spayed or neutered. The affection is said to make the animals feel better.

Pet snuggler is just one of the volunteer opportunities being offered by the organization. Those interested can see all available opportunities on the Delaware Humane Association's website .