Demolition company bulldozes wrong house in Rowlett

Mixed addresses led to the wrong home being bulldozed in Rowlett. The now destroyed duplex sustained some damage in December's EF-4 tornado, but it didn't need to be torn down.

The homeowners had been waiting on insurance to come through, but last Tuesday the house was reduced to twisted rubble. Part of the confusion was due to the fact that the street sign at the corner of Calypso Drive and Cousteau Drive was twisted at the time.

The demolition company was supposed to tear down another duplex just down the street.

George Gomez, the owner of Billy L. Nabors Demolition, said his crew was supposed to knock down 7601 Cousteau Drive, but accidentally went down the street to 7603 Calypso Drive.

Gomez said this is the first time something like this has happened with his company and he is truly sorry. He is working with both families who lived there and the insurance company to cover the cost of rebuilding the home.