Detective: Cousins went for cheesesteaks after 4 men killed

One of two cousins charged in the deaths of four men found buried on a farm told authorities he didn't participate in the killings and said the pair went out for cheesesteaks afterward, a detective said at a court hearing Thursday.

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Family members of the four young men killed filed into court from a side stairwell. Inside, they heard grizzly details of the slayings.

These were preliminary hearings on the murder charges against Cosmo DiNardo and his cousin Sean Kratz in the July killings. Both were held for trial. DiNardo-- appearing by video link--waived his right to the hearing reportedly telling the judge "he had no answers."

Investigators say all four victims were shot and placed in an oil drum that was buried deep on a sprawling farm owned by DiNardo's parents. Police found the four missing men after a grueling, five-day search in sweltering heat and pelting rain that centered on the farm in Solebury.

The families remained largely silent except for a comment on DiNardo's appearance

In Kratz's early afternoon hearing, it was revealed he told investigators he and DiNardo went out for a cheesesteak in Philly after the alleged murders.

His lawyer appears ready to argue he was there, but did not kill.

"What do you think the evidence shows he didn't do it?" FOX 29's Jeff Cole asked. Attorney Craig Penglase said, "You heard what I heard my client places himself at the scene of the killings that's all he said so far."