Dog gets new leash on life

Abused, abandoned and nearly dead is the most realistic description of a local dog when he was found. No one would've faulted the dog if he never trusted anyone again. Our Bill Anderson met Aladdin and his mom and found that not only does he trust and love but his life is about helping others, For Goodness Sake

"They think that he was dumped out of a car. He weighed eighteen pounds. His legs had been broken, his tail was broken. He's missing twelve teeth."

It's hard to hear about and even harder to see the abuse that this little dog named Aladdin experienced prior to being found in South Jersey.

"Because he was so emaciated all of the muscle was gone from his lower back down so he couldn't control his bowels. He couldn't do anything."

His injuries were so bad he could've died, which is why seeing him walk up tail wagging and happy to visit a local school was so impressive.

He still walks with a noticeable limp but the dog once viciously abused is now a certified therapy dog, reading dog, works with wounded warriors, the police and the Ronald McDonald house. The pup and his mom, Michelle, visits schools to teach kids about abuse and how to treat animals.

After what has become a normal day in the life of Aladdin, just serving people, FOX 29's Bill Anderson sat down with Michelle who still tears up at what a little love has meant in the life of this amazing dog.

It was easy to see how loving Aladdin is and why so many people across the country request him to come visit and support various causes and because of this he's been selected as one of three finalists for the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards.

Michelle and the numerous organizations that Aladdin work with hope that he's the perfect example for people to look at and see that dogs of all breeds can positively influence society if they're just given a chance.

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