Dog's leg amputated after being shot

Contra Costa County Animal Services is asking the public for information about a dog who was shot in Concord in a case they are investigating as animal cruelty.

The dog, who has been nicknamed "Bullet," is a two-year-old German Shepherd mix who had an injury to its right hind leg.

A Good Samaritan brought the injured dog to SAGE Veterinary Centers in Concord on Sept. 4. The dog was transferred to Contra Costa Animal Services in Martinez where Dr. Bela Kisamov ran x-rays. She said she knew she needed to amputate the dog's leg quickly.

"The X rays show that his tibia and fibula were shattered like glass," she said. "You could see fragments of bone in the muscles."

The X-rays also showed bright colored pieces of metal believed to be bullet fragments in the muscles. During surgery, Kisamov retrieved the bullet fragments and provided it to CCAS Sergeants to include in their investigation.

Sgt. Craig Hall with Animal Services said they do not know who shot the dog. The dog had no collar and no microchip.

"Ideally we would want to speak to somebody who could offer us some information about the dog and how it came to be in this situation," Hall said.

The agency is waiting on ballistic test results to come back, but they know the bullet hit the dog's leg from behind. Kisamov said the animal was likely not facing whoever shot him.

"The way the bullet had to have traveled is very strange in this case," she said. "I've never seen a case where the bullet travels up the leg and into the butt muscle."

"Bullet" is now 5.7 pounds lighter than he was before, but still friendly and happy considering his new lifestyle.

"The dog can't help himself," Hall said. "He can't tell us what happened, how this injury happened. So for us, it's important to speak for that animal and if you do know something you're obligated to let us know."

The dog is recovering. He will be placed with a foster family so they can prepare him for adoption in the future.

Anyone with information is asked to call Contra Costa County Animal Services in Martinez at 925-335-8366.