Driver Pulls Over Trooper For Speeding, Gets An Apology: 'I Was Dumbfounded'

(INSIDE EDITION) A Texas civilian is still surprised by the apology he received after he pulled over a police officer he says was speeding.

Philip Turner told Inside Edition: "I was dumbfounded, I never expected that kind of reaction from a police officer."

Turner filmed the incident on August 1 and posted it on YouTube shortly after.In the video recorded on Turner's dashcam, he captured himself chasing State Trooper David Granado down because of how fast he was going.

The driver says he followed the cop for several miles to make sure the officer wasn't responding to an emergency.

The two cars eventually caught up with each other. Both drivers got out of their cars to speak to each other. Turner believes the trooper was going between 80-90 miles per hour.

Turner told Inside Edition: "I followed him for a little bit. He was speeding up and slowing down, so I said 'Let me see what's going on.' That's when I went up behind him and flashed my light at him."

Officer Granado apologized to Turner for the speed he was going. Turner also asked for his badge number.

"I was thinking about the double standard," Turner admitted to Inside Edition. "I'm on my way to fight a traffic citation and this cop breezed by me. I thought it was totally unfair."

The concerned citizen even gave the authority a warning to slow down.

"We're paying them for a service," Turner told Inside Edition. "We have every right to question their behavior."