Eagles fans look for ways to continue celebration

It's hard to believe the Eagles Super Bowl journey is over. Fans rooted for the Birds all season long.

So, the question remains…what's next? Many people are still celebrating, savoring the Bird's success. How do fans keep the spirit alive?

The Eagles championship is almost a week old. And, the parade? That's all over. The cleanup? That's over, too. The season is over. A great year. But, is it really over? No. It's not over until fans want it to be.

A championship's warm afterglow burns all the way to Doylestown. Flags on cars, flags on poles, signs, scarecrows. Eagle Fever's never been hotter for Derrick Morgan.

"The amount of traffic through our door to our website and online - it's been like Christmas on steroids times ten," said Morgan.

Morgan's Doylestown store. "Monkey's Uncle," trades in gear you can't get anywhere else, because it comes from people you know.

"We're working with these local independent artists who are coming up with their own designs. They're printing them on their own and we're the exclusive place that's going to carry some of their products," Morgan explained.

Inside stuff you might not understand if you're from elsewhere like a t-shirt that reads "Frankford & Cottman 2018." Epic. Philly versus Everybody. We All We Got, We All We Need. It's tutus and the headbands for babies like Tegan. Her mom, Jenny Donnelly makes and sells them.

"There are headbands out there for Eagles, but they weren't cute enough. So we had to uh…make cuter ones," explained Donnelly.

There's really no limit to what you can do to show love for your team. Nearly a century old, read up on some of the great 1940's teams. Plus any NFL franchise worth its salt has got to have a song or two written after it.

Joe and Blair at Siren Records, also in Doylestown, cued up a record that's more than 35 years old.

"Keep the Ball Rolling" by Jay and the Techniques, is a remake of a hit single from the '60's, but this version names every Eagles player from 1981.

Get down and get comfortable. Let your Eagles imagination run wild. None of this is over just because the season's done. You can get your Jason Kelce speech-for-the-ages shirt in a matter of hours, if you know where to look.