East Falls doctor accused of running pill mill

East Falls, Pa. (WTXF) An East Falls doctor is accused of running a pill mill inside his office. Unsuspecting neighbors say they did notice one unusual thing about the 82-year-old doctor's office before the State Police raid.

Andrew Daramola has lived above the doctor's office for three years. He says he noticed the practice kept odd hours but never expected what prosecutors now allege: that the 82-year-old doctor downstairs was running a so called pill mill from inside his East Falls office.

"It's really, really weird it does make me feel like 'Wow happening right beneath my feet so kind of crazy,'" Andrew told FOX 29.

In a 2 and a half year undercover sting, State troopers say Dr. Edwin Rothman was allegedly pushing Percocet and other pills to undercover officers in exchange for cash to the tune of $10,000. When they raided Rothman's Ridge Avenue office State Police say they discovered "The office was found to have no medical staff, computer equipment, or medical equipment with the exception of a scale, stethoscope, and blood pressure cuff. An armed security guard with a legal permit to carry a concealed weapon was also at the location."

"There's like two canes on the wall and a counter all the way in the back with one or two people in so it didn't have the air if a legitimate business," said East Falls resident Alex Daly.

White haired with a receding hairline Rothman appeared via videolink at his arraignment in bail court. His lawyer had no comment after the hearing. Rothman's son was also in court.

"There's a bid prescription pill epidemic in the country. And it's interesting contrast from the street dealers in strawberry mansion just a mile away interesting to see that kind of crime on all levels."

Bail is set at $150,000. He must also surrender his passport.