Easter Bunny spreads cheer throughout New Jersey amid COVID-19

The Easter Bunny is a big fan of social distancing. The bunny wants everyone to be safe but more than that the bunny wants to spread cheer to families like he always does.  He was cruising around the streets of Haddon Township, New Jersey, in a Jeep Wrangler on Monday.

The bunny has an entourage of co-workers, including a high-tech administrative assistant, who posts the bunny's route on Facebook the night before so everyone is prepared for his visits. That woman Jenn Barth Blair is sort like the unsung hero in all of this.


FOX 29’s Jennifer Joyce spoke to the bunny's driver in a FaceTime interview.

"It's really, really uplifting," the Easter Bunny's driver Jen DiMarco told FOX 29. "We're seeing people run out of their homes with their phones and their iPads laptops because they're facetiming other family members that aren’t around want to show. It’s really cool."

The bunny and his crew, which also includes a second jeep that leads the way have been working overtime to make sure they hit each and every block ahead of the Easter holiday.

FOX 29 Assignment Editor Chris Denton documented his kids, Brynn and Seth, enjoying the bunny's visit. They understand things are weird right now, but this was special. 


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