Elementary School Cancels Trip to See Santa

There's big controversy in a California town which recently canceled a trip for elementary school kids to see Santa Claus.

At Sartorette Elementary School many parents have been at odds with one another... and it all started when the annual kindergarten field trip, to see Santa Claus was abruptly canceled.

Vanessa Howes says: "there's parents that are not wanting to hang out with other parents... All this added hate and it never need to get to this point."

For the past ten years kindergartners have been coming here to Big E's cafe nearby, where the owner says children can drop off letters to Santa, sip hot coca and more.

But one parent voiced concern. She complained to the principal and board of education that students also need exposure to other religions and holidays... not just Christmas. And that Santa Claus,, for many, represents Christmas.

Talia says: "My recommendation was yes we still learn about the holidays but we don't focus on just one holiday. But instead we do many of them."

The end result... The trip was canceled.

Talia says: "I never asked them to cancel the field trip."

Others called it political correctness run amok.

Mos says: "i think Santa is a fun time. Fun for the kids. And we are getting to the point where we are getting so politically correct we are harming what was right for the kids."

The decision has left many parents angry they weren't consulted about the cancelation.

Now one group is organizing a plan to keep their children out of school this Friday, and take them to the cafe to see Santa.

The school superintendent said the district will become more inclusive during the holiday season... and would consider reinstating the santa trip next year.

But this year.. The trip is off.

Mos says: "I'm disappointed for the children."

Roth says: "some parents say they'd like to have a school community meeting soon to clear the air."