Employees at local golf course save man's life

A man's day at the golf course ended with him brought back from the brink of death. He suffered a heart attack but luckily others were there to help.

It was a lifesaving mission for the manager of the Mercer Oaks Golf Course in West Windsor Township Bobby Kauth. He says a staff member alerted him to a golfer in his 60s down on the green and not responding.

"We knew in order to save this person's life we had to act fast and have the courage to step up and get it done."

He bolted out of the clubhouse with an "AED" or automated external defibrillator.

"I just pulled it out of the wall to get it out there as fast as possible."

Hopping on a golf cart, he raced over to the man in distress.

"We rolled him over and right away I saw his face was blue."

A coworker ripped off the man's shirt and Bobby put the lifesaving machine to work.

"He didn't have a pulse. We didn't see him breathing and the AED told us that we needed to hit the shock button."

That's just what Bobby did.

"We saw him jolt a little bit and his color all the sudden was starting to change a little bit. He took a big breath."

He says the machine also told him to do CPR.

"I started chest compressions on him until the ambulance came after that."

The quick-thinking of Bobby and two others made all the difference.

"I've talked to him on the phone. He's just been very thankful. How he can't thank me enough and the guys. It was a big team effort."