Escaped Bucks County prisoner Daniel Selby arrested

The prisoner in Bucks County whose escape caused a shelter-in-place, Sunday night into Monday, and closed schools on Monday, has been caught.

Details have not been released, but Daniel Selby was allegedly captured in Bucks County.

Police say at about 8:30 p.m. Sunday night, a sheriff's van was taking Selby, 25, to the Bucks County Prison on a failure to appear warrant, which is a low-level offense.

Apparently, there was a medical emergency. The van pulled over to the side. They let Selby out. He got loose from his leg shackles, pushed over a sheriff's deputy, and ran across Bristol Road.

The shelter-in-place went into effect right away. Police activated reverse 911 calls to keep people in the area safe. The Central Bucks School District canceled classes.

Monday, police said they arrested the escapee's father, Daniel Selby Sr., in Dolyestown for aiding his son's escape.