Ex, madame say Sheen may have infected others

Now that he's made the disclosure -- Charlie Sheen says he's bracing for lawsuits. The bad-boy actor has disclosed that he's HIV-positive and now that he has, he says he expects to be sued by women who will claim they had sex with him -- without knowing he was ill.

Sheen says it's "impossible" he could have infected anyone with HIV -- because he told his partners about his condition.

But a woman who says she was one of Sheen's "goddesses" says that isn't true.

Bree Olson says she lived with Sheen in 2011 -- the year Sheen says he was diagnosed -- and he "never said anything" about having HIV.

Olson says she is just finding out about and rushed to get tested. She tells Howard Stern's show the results were negative.

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