Facebook video shows fast food restaurant employees joking about spitting in food

An employee at a local Checkers posted A 44-minute live Facebook video that left him and other co-workers out of a job.

The Checkers store on the 7100 of Stenton Avenue in West Oak Lane is shut down. The owner closed forced to sanitize the restaurant and regroup-after this.

"We about to wash these floors with these buns," workers say in the video.

Shocking Facebook live video taken by restaurant workers was shared with FOX 29. We're not showing you their faces but as you can see making hamburgers was the last things on their mind.

You can hear customers ordering from the drive-thru as employees joke about spitting and even sneezing on food.

"I wait for you to come up here. I blow my nose into these gloves and make you a (blank, blank food)" one person is heard saying.

One person is even heard saying he has weed for sale.

Checkers corporate posted an apology telling customers the workers have been fired and the place temporarily shutdown.

We went to checkers to get their side of the story. " We're closed right now getting it taken care of."

FOX 29 has also learned the restaurant was just cited for 15 violations by the department of health 3 weeks ago.

Some customers had no idea why the store was closed.

In a statement Checkers tells us: "The employees involved will be terminated, the restaurant will be fully sanitized and re-inspected before it reopens, and all of the team members will be fully retrained"

No word on when the restaurant will reopen.