Family: Dad killed during argument with ex about their children

Family members say 26-year old Tyrone Delany lived for his three children, that they were his everything. On Wednesday morning, his family says he also lost his life over them.

They say Delany, the mother of his kids and her current boyfriend were at a home in the 16,000 block of Snowden Street, which is near Schaefer Highway and Puritan Avenue, when they got in an argument over their children. That's when Delany was shot several times -- right in front of his family who watched.

"He came out of the bushes and shot [Delany] point black to the face right three times, right in front of his sister," says the victim's uncle, Luay Hanna. "She's like my niece, he's my nephew, you know."

Police are currently searching for 18-year-old Montez Maxwell in connection with the deadly shooting. Police have released his photo, which you can see by watching FOX 2's Robin Murdoch's report in the video player above.

Delany's family members say right after Maxwell fired those shots, he proceeded to get into a fight with one of Delany's siblings. However, they say the fight was broken up relatively quickly. They say Maxwell then took off in a Cadillac.

"I just completely saw my brother get gunned down in front of me. I was completely behind him, me and my mama - we could have got shot. And he didn't care, you know. He shot my brother cold blood right in front of all his brothers and sisters. He had no remorse," says Delany's sister, Tamika Black.

Police are continuing to try and track down Maxwell and follow up with any lead that could lead them to him.

Those who knew and loved Delany remain focused on the moments they shared with him, and they say there were many.

Delany had six brothers and sisters, and fathered twin 1 year olds and a 6 year old -- children who will now have to remember their dad instead of spending precious time with him.

"At the end of the day, my brother was a good daddy. He loved his kids and he was a good daddy. She knew that," says Black.

We're told police did take the mother of Delany's three children into custody for questioning, so they could hear from her exactly what led up to the early-morning shooting.

This is a developing story. Stay with FOX 2 for updates.

UPDATE: FOX 2 has learned Montez Maxwell turned himself in to police later that evening.