Family: Dog shot in backyard has died

A dog who was shot while Atlanta police searched for a suspect has died.

That's according to the dog's family.

Elizabeth Robinson and her daughter Makayla Graves have had Lucky since he was a puppy. For these pet owners, Lucky is not just a pit bull, but a member of their family.

"Lucky is a good dog and he has to be seen about, got to be seen about," said Elizabeth Robinson with tears in her eyes.

According to Atlanta Police, officers responded to a domestic dispute on Beatie Avenue early Monday morning. In the police narrative it states "During the canvas for the suspect there were shots fired in the back of" (family's address listed).

It goes on to say "There was a dog shot in the back of the residence."

"I heard a gunshot and after the gun shot I heard Lucky crying," said Robinson. "I was too scared to even go outside to see what was going on."

Graves said when she came outside she found a broken fence and lucky in distress.

"That's when we see them carrying him out on a sheet that was full of blood and he was not moving," said Graves.

Medical staff at Ark Animal Hospital said Lucky was shot in the leg and on his side. The family said they pawned items just to be able to pay for the x-ray and are figuring out how they will pay for the surgery. They have started a fundraising site.

Monday night the family said "He has been sitting in there for 12 hours plus and he can't even get the surgery done because we do not have the money to pay for the surgery," said Graves.

The family said they are devastated by Lucky's loss.

"Lucky took care of us." said Robinson.