Family of raccoons make SF couple's wedding photo shoot even more memorable

A San Francisco couple, who got married in Golden Gate Park last month, got a little surprise from a family of raccoons during their wedding photoshoot.

Using a wooded scenery for her backdrop, Northern California photographer Kathryn White was snapping photos of Zach and Sarah Levenberg in the park, when a gaze of five raccoons walked over to the newlyweds and gazed on. (Yes, we looked it up: A group of raccoons is indeed called a gaze.) 

"It was a really amazing and shocking experience!" White told KTVU. "We saw the family of raccoons approaching us and I automatically warned my bride and groom to keep their distance," she explained. 

But apparently, the curious raccoons just wanted a glimpse of the action, and the furry family ended up doing some serious photo-bombing.

White, who has made it her profession to capture special moments, was intrigued by the entire experience and took advantage of the opportunity to document the animal encounter. 

"... the raccoons just casually walked by us on the path and stopped curiously for a second to see what was going on, so I snapped a few photos, and then they were on their way!"

White posted some of the wedding photos on Instagram, noting it was a memorable day on many levels.

The photographer said it was a very special photo shoot and took the sweet visit from the raccoon family as an auspicious sign for the new husband and wife as they celebrated their union. 

"It was one of those moments I'll never forget," White said. "We were all surprised and figured it must be a good omen for their marriage."