Family Searches for Dog After Son's Death

Norwood, Pa. (WTXF) One family's beloved dog has gone missing and they're doing whatever it takes to get him back. Butch stayed by owner's side as he died, but in the chaos following his death, Butch ran away. He's been missing since last month and his family is doing everything they can to get him back. They have been using the power of social media and turned to FOX 29 for help.

"This is the only living part of my son I have left," she told FOX 29.

32-year-old Shaun Tomlinson died suddenly on September 12th and right there by his side his faithful 10- year-old Chocolate Lab named Butch.

"Butch was really his kid. And he was on his death bed with him beside him when he died," his mother explained.

But just 3 days after his owner's death, Butch suddenly got loose from a backyard and ran away. He was last seen near the Norwood train station.

"Butch I am sure is traumatized. He's grieving like we all are. He's heartbroken over Shaun's death. I'm sure he knew that Shaun passed," Phyllis explained.

Sean's mother and stepfather are now on a desperate search to find Butch.

"Butch was like his son. The closest he had to having kids," said Phyllis.

The family is now posting flyers in hopes someone out there recognizes the dog. She thinks he's either lost in the woods or maybe picked up by another family.

"I can't thank the family enough if someone does have him for taking good care of him. But I feel like I need that closure," she said.

The family is also getting help from groups like Team Louie Animal Rescue. He's the mixed lab stolen in South Philly. His owners found him after a month and has now turned to helping other families search for their dogs.

"It would mean everything to me. I've lost my son. I can't have him back but if I could have his dog I would be just so grateful and I could help Butch grieve and he could help me," Phyllis told FOX 29.

The family says they've even resorted to walking around the neighborhood waving Shaun's clothing in hopes of attracting Butch by scent. They say if someone has him the family will take him back no questions asked.