Family's Walmart graduation cake turns out to be made of Styrofoam

When a Texas family went to cut into their daughter's graduation cake, they were surprised to learn it was made of Styrofoam.

Marsy Flores ordered the two-tier cake from a Pasadena Walmart, but when she arrived for pick-up, she was told her order didn't exist.

With no more two-tier cakes available, a manager informed Marsy to pick any of the cakes that were ready for purchase. Nellie Flores, Marsy's sister, told Fox 35 that she selected the only blue cake remaining, as it matched her daughter's school colors.

After the graduation ceremony, Marsy and her family went to a restaurant to eat dinner. After finishing their meals, Marsy went to cut into the cake with a butter knife. However, the knife did not get through the cake at all. So, Nellie told Fox 35 that their dad then took a shot at the cake with a pocket knife. He quickly discovered that the cake was made out of Styrofoam

"Everyone's face changed. Everyone went into shock," Nellie told Fox 35.

After processing the situation, Marsy and her family decided to go to Walmart. "They need to see this," Nellie said. Walmart offered a $60 gift card in return.

"The moment was gone," Nellie said in disappointed. She told Fox 35 that she wanted her sister and neice to have a special moment together to celebrate the graduation.

Days later, Marsy spoke with Walmart again over the phone. They again offered a gift card, but also offered to provide the family with a new two-tier layer cake. However, Nellie reiterated to Fox 35 that the moment was still gone.

She also expressed that that she just wants "people to know what happened" and for Walmart to "make sure this never happens to anyone else again."

Nellie went on to post video of the cake onto Facebook explaining the situation. In her caption, she said that Walmart "can't make up for the embarassment and humilitation she went through with family and school friends there."