Father of slain Temple University student recalls last time he saw her alive

It was an emotion-packed day in the murder trial of a Temple student. The father of 22-year-old Jenna Burleigh took the stand remembering the last time he said goodbye to his daughter.

FOX 29's Jeff Cole reports.

Ed Burleigh took the stand Wednesday as the prosecution's last witness while a picture of his final goodbye with his slain daughter appeared on a courtroom screen.

His daughter had a fender-bender and he'd come to help her. A camera captured them saying goodbye. Hours later, she was dead.

Earlier, jurors watched some of the last moments of Jenna Burleigh's life as prosecutors displayed video of her in the bar with accused killer, Joshua Hupperterz, leaving it at 2 a.m. and going into her alleged killer's apartment. Hupperterz is later seen hauling a heavy blue bin with his cousin from the apartment into a car. Prosecutors say Burleigh's body was inside.

Prosecutors rested their case before lunch. They allege Hupperterz strangled Burleigh in his North Philly apartment after she cut-short sex with him.

He's admitted to moving the body to the Poconos to hide it, but claims his ex-roommate--Jack Miley--is the killer.

Miley--in the apartment at the time of the killing--testified he heard nothing because he was sound asleep from heavy drinking and drugging. He's not charged.

The defense has closed its base, but not before calling Hupperterz's mother, younger brother and best friend all testifying that Joshua Hupperterz is a "peaceful person."