Father says son was bullied, bloodied, and bruised at school

The father of a second grader says his son was bullied, bruised, and bloodied by kids at his Aurora, Colorado elementary school. Now, he wants action to be taken.

Desmond Guilford is a lively 7-year old boy. He's spunky, sweet, and independent.

Kevin Guilford, Desmond's father said, "He said he plays by himself and he said kids would come by and push him on his back and stuff like that."

Desmond, his father says, is being bullied by a group classmates at school.

"We do send the kids to school to be protected and get a great education and it didn't turn out that way this time," Kevin said.

Thursday, on the playground, Desmond says the group approached.

"You have three seconds to run or we`re going to hurt you," the kids said according to Kevin.

Desmond said, "They like ran after me and said get him."

They gave the boy an ultimatum.

"Then I ran and then I ran more faster then one of them like tackled me," Desmond said.

Falling face first onto the concrete, he was left scratched, battered, bloodied and bruised.

Kevin said, "It's starting to scab now and last night when he was sleeping he asked me to hold him because he can't roll over and that's the worst one, but the lip this one, the big one."

Even worse, his dad says he suffered a concussion.

"I was crushed," Kevin said.

"Everything turned like, black," Desmond said.

Kevin says the school initially told him Desmond just fell and bumped his head.

"I was outraged," Kevin said.

When he pushed for answers, Kevin says the principal blew him off.

"It's the children you know, that's what's he's there for, that's what he's employed for."

The Aurora School District issued a statement saying student safety is a top priority, they are taking this issue seriously and will investigate it fully.

Kevin says he feels enough isn't being done to school yard bullies and protect the children from harm.