Fire at Georgetown pet boarding-facility kills all 75 animals inside

Georgetown Fire confirms 75 dogs were killed in a fire at the Ponderosa Pet Resort Saturday night. Many of those dogs' photos are now hung up on the front gates of where the fire happened. 

Saturday night the Georgetown Fire Department responded to a fire at the pet resort and found the entire building engulfed in flames. Despite the quick response time from GFD, all 75 dogs inside died from smoke inhalation.

"Right now, we have a Goose who is lost, Shay Scout who was lost, and Lola and Sunny who were unfortunately lost," said Tennille Dunning, Veterinarian technician.

Those were just a few of the dogs who were killed in the fire according to Dunning who says she got the news from her clients. She says most of the dog owners were out of town so she made sure to show up to the scene to honor their dogs.

"They can’t get here so showing their support so we want to show that we have love for the babies as much as they love them," she said. 

People came by the dozens to pay their respects after what happens. Many of those who showed up said they have dogs of their own and cannot imagine losing their pet.

"It’s like losing your children. No matter what anyone says, it’s losing your children," said Bill Stephens, who came by the memorial.

The memorial at the gates of the Ponderosa Pet Resort started out small but continued to grow with every passing minute. A reminder of how important a dog can be to someone.

"[A dog loves] you for every flaw that you have and it doesn’t matter to them. They love without judgement," said Sheridan Doerr, another who stopped by the memorial.

Fire investigators are still working to determine the cause and origin of the fire. Investigators say the owner of the facility has been cooperative with the investigation. 

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