First State Brewing crafts special brew to support Ukrainian defense forces

First State Brewing is brewing a batch of Ukrainian beer in order to support Ukrainian defense forces! 

The Middletown brewery is calling the beer ‘Putin Kilo’ which translates to an expletive involving the President of Russia. 

Quality manager Joe Spearot got the beer recipe from Pravda Brewing in Lviv, Ukraine. Pravda is not brewing at the moment, and instead have shifted from making beer to making Molotov cocktails. 

FOX 29’s Hank Flynn reached  Pravda Brewing’s Taras Maselko via WhatsApp, and he confirmed that for the near future his brewery will be making bombs – not beer. 

"At the moment we just, we mobilize to do anything we can do here. That’s why we produced the Molotov cocktails. We produced quite a lot - it’s more than 2,000 I guess," Maselko said. 

Maselko added that the cocktails are distributed throughout Lviv to fend off Russian tanks. Maseklo open-sourced Pravda’s recipes – the soul of the brewery – in a cry for a no-fly zone over Ukraine. 

First State jumped in to help. 

"So we found out about this late Saturday. By Sunday me and Paul, who’s our owner and founder, were texting, calling back and forth, rearranging our whole production schedule so we can brew this right away," Sprearot said. 

The idea is to raise money for Ukrainian defense forces. The brew is underway – but beer takes time. The plan is for the Pravda brew to be tapped Saturday, March 26 at First State. 

The beer won’t be canned and won’t last long.

First State compared the brew to a Belgian tripel, so it’ll be pale, delicious and strong.  



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