Folcroft Police Officer Chris Dorman honored after being shot 7 times

Folcroft, Pa. (WTXF) Police Officer Chris Dorman was back in uniform and honored along with his entire department. Nearly 2 months ago, he was shot 7 times by an armed suspect. Tonight, he got an official thank you.

"It's nice to get the recognition. You know, I was just doing my job that day and it could have been anybody else in law enforcement that it could have happened to and I was just the unlucky one who got there first," said Officer Dorman.

It was late June when Dorman, a part-time officer with just a year on the force, was dispatched to seemingly routine call for drug activity. Moments after responding, Dorman was shot in the face, leg, and chest. Police arrested a man they call a career drug dealer for the shooting. Just 4 days later, Dorman was released from the hospital to a hero's welcome.

Two other officers, Sgt. William Bair and Officer David DiPietro, were also given commendations for valor and heroism for helping save Dorman's life after he was shot.

Official proclamations came down from congress, state and county authorities. thanking Folcroft and surrounding police departments.

Dorman spent the last month and a half visiting doctors and doing physical therapy. And get this, he says he's actually bored and can't wait to get back patrolling the streets of Folcroft.

Dorman will have to go through firearms evaluation and psychological testing before being allowed back on the street. And when that day comes Dorman tells FOX 29 he'll treat it like any other day.