Footage Shows Homeless Man Giving His Life to Save a Female Hostage From a Gunman

BRAZIL (INSIDE EDITION) - A homeless man is being hailed a hero after giving his life to save a woman who was being held hostage.

In astonishing footage of the incident, 61-year-old Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima can be seen rushing towards a man holding a gun to a woman on the steps of the Sao Paulo Cathedral in Brazil.

But as he knocks the man over - giving the woman a chance to run free - he is shot multiple times.

In the video broadcast on Brazilian news station TV Agora, de Lima walks away and slumps to the ground with blood on his shirt. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to local reports, the alleged gunman, Luiz Antonio Da Silva, 49, was visiting the church with the woman when an argument broke out.

Witnesses said he grabbed her by the arm as she tried to go outside. He dragged her to the steps and brandished a handgun, according to reports.

Da Silva was shot and killed by police. He previously spent 22 years in prison for theft, property damage and causing bodily harm, according to reports.

Local police said in a statement: "Military police who were close by were informed by witnesses and on reaching the place the witnesses indicated, there was a confrontation.

"The criminal was injured and died at the scene. Military police were unharmed."

The woman received medical attention but was not seriously hurt.

Thousands of people are now calling for Francisco to receive a proper burial.