For Sgt. Robert Wilson's Son, a Special Christmas Delivery

A special delivery today for the son of fallen Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson III. Police say armed robbers killed Sgt. Wilson in a North Philadelphia GameStop last March, as he tried to protect customers.

For his family, this is their first Christmas without him. But they're getting plenty of love from their community.

FOX 29's Brad Sattin has more:

Among all these gifts going to families in Delaware County this week-- this Chevy Silverado-- is about to be delivered to a very special little boy for Christmas.

"We went out and bought that car for him, and decked it all out in a little tribute to his father."

His father.was Philadelphia police Sgt. Robert Wilson, killed in a shootout in March.. when he walked into a robbery in progress.. He never hesitated to give his life to save others. But you can imagine how hard Christmas is for his family this year.

"I just want them to be able to have a chance to maybe forget a little bit of the heartache and just have a great Christmas."

They raised the money for the truck.. Souped it up.. And decked it out.. with a photo of Sgt. Wilson, knowing his little boy, Robbie, whom he used to call Chubbs.. just maybe.. Might smile.

And off these volunteer firefighters went-- Santa along for the ride-- to the home of Sgt. Wilson's Family.

" I came down here to make a special delivery to you guys," Santa said.

And then.. The truck that Robbie wanted.. But his mother just couldn't afford, there it was.

"You want to get in it?"

Gifts as well for Robbie's half brother and half sister.

Firefighters took over the neighborhood. It was a lot for everyone to take in, including Robbie's mother, who couldn't hold back the tears.

"He doesn't have his father and this move love is just, I'm just grateful."

So is her mother, Robbie's grandmother.

"It's amazing that strangers would just do this for her. It's so nice to see all this love for this little boy that they don't really know.

But It's what these firefighters have done for years.

Smiles on all our faces, the least we can do for the family after everything they've been through this year.

Tough times still ahead. But a tribute to a brave man. Something his son already seems to recognize.

"Every time he sees his father's picture he just smiles. And that's a good thing that's on the car cause he's gonna play with that a lot and he's gonna know his father is with him."