For so many fans, Eagles Super Bowl win is personal

Has it sunk in yet? Monday afternoon the Eagles had landed back safely in Philadelphia.

After a night of unbridled euphoria, we're left to consider, what this championship really means.

Hundreds of fans greeted the team as they stepped off the plane, and then one by one, drove out of the Nova Care Complex.

To so many, the championship is personal.

Bryan Keenan witnessed something his older brother, Jack, never lived to see. It was Jack who got him hooked on the Eagles, and football, as a kid.

Jack took him to his first game at Franklin Field. By age 8, he was selling team lineups.

"I used to stand on a little milk crate with my cap on, 'Daily News Lineup!' and I'd sell it, and then they'd allow us to stand in the end zone," Keenan remembered.

Bryan is Philly. His son serves in the Navy, and was in the flag ceremony during the NFC Championship game, caught by NFL films. Bryan's a mummer, who, with his nephew, cherishes their photo of Ron Jaworski.

If you think about it, a championship isn't worth much if you can't share it with the people who mean the most.

For Bryan, it's the only way this championship would have been sweeter.