Former bank employee charged with stealing nearly $1 million from customer to fund side businesses

A 41-year-old man is facing multiple charges after Burlington County prosecutors say he was charged with stealing nearly $1 million from a customer’s account and using it to fund side businesses, real estate transactions and cover personal expenses.

On Tuesday, Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office announced Agha Hasan, 41, has been charged with Theft by Deception (Second Degree), Computer Criminal Activity (Second Degree), Misapplication of Entrusted Property (Second Degree), three counts of Failure to File New Jersey Tax Returns (Third Degree), five counts of Failure to Pay Income Tax (Third Degree), and two counts of Filing False Returns (Third Degree).

Hasan is accused of stealing $998,188 from a customer over a period of six years.

According to officials, the investigation began in 2023 after fraud investigators for Santander Bank contacted law enforcement about questionable transactions conducted and overseen by Hasan, who had recently been terminated from his position at the Mount Holly branch office.

The investigation revealed that Hasan, who was employed by Santander Bank since 2014, befriended a customer and gained his trust by offering to help with bill paying.

Further investigation revealed that as the relationship with the customer progressed, Hasan began to visit the customer’s home and obtain blank checks that the customer had signed, as well as have the customer approve wire transfers. They say Hasan also used the customer’s account to make significant cash withdrawals and disbursements.

Officials found that Hasan then used the transactions with the customer’s funds for personal expenses and business ventures in which he had an interest, including the management and operation of gas stations, car washes and convenience markets. They say the money was also used to broker and finance real estate transactions, as well as to operate a consulting business, Delval Consultants, LLC.

He was taken into custody Tuesday morning at his residence in Bordentown Township and lodged in the Burlington County Jail in Mount Holly. 

The case will be prepared for presentation to a grand jury for possible indictment.