Former Philadelphia corrections officer, inmate charged in prison crime ring

A former Philadelphia corrections officer is among several individuals arrested as a part of what Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner’s office called a smuggling and bribery operation in a Philadelphia prison.

Officials made the announcement Thursday, saying Barry Garland, being held at Riverside Correctional Facility, ran an operation out of his jail cell, in which drugs and other contraband were sold to other detainees at an outrageous markup, with the aid of former Corrections Officer Khalif Workman.

It is alleged Garland bribed Workman, who smuggled the drugs, and other contraband, with Garland then reselling them.

Garland was also able to use an illegal, contraband cellphone to then purchase an AR-15, through Cash App, for an associate outside the prison. The gun was to be used to kill a man that murdered Garland's friend.

Authorities say Workman received about $23,000 for his role in the operation.

The DA’s office said the operation involving Workman and Garland took place between July through October of 2021, while Workman was employed by the prison.

Garland, Workman, another inmate and two of Garland's associates are all charged with multiple felony offenses.