Four Charged in Murder of Chester County Teen

Officials in Chester County have arrested four men they say killed a 17-year-old over "marijuana and a few dollars."

According to authorities, Gerald Myers, Onray Winfield, Darrell Woodward and Bryon Stevens have been charged with conspiracy, murder, robbery, and related offenses. Police say they set up a sham drug deal with the victim, Christian Santiago,17, at a West Chester gas station. Police say the suspects and robbed and killed Santiago. The suspects allegedly took a quarter ounce of marijuana and $30 from the victim. Authorities say Onray Winfield was a friend of the victim. Winfield knew that the victim sold marijuana. Winfield arranged via text and Twitter for the victim to sell marijuana to Gerald Myers, knowing that Myers actually planned to rob the victim instead, according to investigators.

Police say they discovered the body of Santiago on the side of the road in the 700 block of Hissdale Road. According to investigators, the victim suffered a gunshot wounded in the chest.

District Attorney Tom Hogan said, "This case is a prime example of a brutal and senseless killing. The victim is dead, leaving behind a grieving family. The Defendants are facing murder charges. All over a little marijuana and a few dollars."

This case is being investigated by the Chester County Detectives and the West Chester Police Department. The assigned prosecutor is Deputy District Attorney Thomas Ost-Prisco. Anybody with information should contact the Chester County Detectives at 610-344-6866 or the West Chester Police Department at 610-696-2700.