Four suspects sought in gas station robbery in South Philadelphia

Philadelphia police are looking for four male suspects after a gas station robbery in South Philadelphia last week.

Police say three male suspects rushed into the Gas and Go on the 2200 block of Island Avenue on April 14, while a fourth waited outside as a lookout. One suspect inside the gas station was armed with a handgun, police say.

The three men attempted to break into two video game machines and an ATM, police say. Video surveillance shows the suspects ripping machines from the wall, stomping on them and hitting one with a metal stool.

The suspects were then seen carrying one machine to their car. When they were unable to load it into the backseat, they ditched it outside the store and got into the vehicle. 

Police say they suspects were unable to access the machines, and nothing was taken.

The suspects fled the scene in a blue Hyundai Elantra, according to police.