Fourth of July travel: PHL Airport travelers frustrated after delays, lost luggage

It’s been a chaotic few days at the Philadelphia International Airport with the severe thunderstorms, delays, lost luggage all during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year!

Kodie Davis’ son just got married and all her family wants to do is get home to Idaho, but they’re not sure when that will happen. 

"I got a text that woke me up like 3:15. We were supposed to fly out at 7. They pushed it back to noon. We got here and waited forever got to the gate they were like ok 12:30, 1:00, 1:30," said  Kodie Davis, Idaho. 

"I was definitely hoping to be back sooner but it is what it is," said McKay Davis, Idaho.

With so many flights canceled or delayed because of Sunday’s storms, everyone has a story. 


Passengers stranded at Philadelphia International Airport again due to delays

Lines of frustrated passengers, empty baggage carousels and piles of unclaimed luggage - travel nightmares continue at Philadelphia International Airport for the second time in a week.

Like Andrea Gallo whose mom was supposed to fly home from California on Saturday, but the flight kept getting pushed back! 

"They moved everybody to today so this is day 3 so she’s making it home but now I don’t know if her bag is! 3 days? 3 days and she’s 83!" said Andrea Gallo, Drexel Hill.

Even if you’re one of the lucky ones to get a voucher for a hotel, some people are having trouble finding rooms because of the holiday.

One man says he gave an elderly couple his room at 5 am because he was leaving for work!

"The reason why they tried to go to the hotel room without having reservations and you can’t do that," said  Shameek Adams, Chester. "You can’t expect in these surrounding areas to just pop up in the middle of the night you gotta do it in advance online."

But with so many travelers expected this holiday, travelers may get stressed

"There will be added frustration so AAA urges folks again, pack your patience, make sure that you get to the airport early, consider carry-on and personal items only for your trip," said Jana Tidwell, AAA.

Which is good advice because then you won’t have to worry about an airline losing your bag or waiting for it like those poor people from Idaho! However, just flying with a carry on is easier said than done. 

Good luck and stay safe, travelers.