Francis Hopkinson School remains closed over asbestos concerns

Francis Hopkinson School will remain closed Tuesday due to new asbestos concerns.

The Philadelphia School District released a statement Sunday evening announcing the school’s closure and detailed that staff will report to the Little Schoool House on Feb. 3 and 4. 

Photo from inside Francis Hopkinson School.

Officials say ceiling tiles replaced over the summer of 2019 may have disturbed asbestos-containing materials in that process.

New evidence of asbestos needs to be tested, the statement said. Two independent testing companies will work with the District to establish testing areas to monitor for the presence of asbestos. 

"We’re looking to see exactly what did happen and what the situation is. We’re looking to remediate the rooms and cleaning those areas, and doing the testing necessary to make sure the air quality is suitable for re-occupancy," Deputy Chief of Communications at the School District of Philadelphia Monica Lewis said.

District officials urge parents to check the school’s progress by clicking here for updates.


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