Frankford family says they're fighting to get squatters out of their home

A Frankford family says they're fighting to get squatters out of their home.

"The sign was kicked over, lock box cut off the door, door handle taken off, back door kicked in and there was approximately 10 people living in the house at the time. And the police said there's nothing they can do about it," said a devastated Don and Debbie McGee as they described the condition of their home on the 5300 block of Akron Street in Frankford. They've owned it for 30 years.

"I worked all my life to have that. We raised our kids there. We did everything there. It's the only house we've owned," said Don. The McGee's were in the process of selling it until they say squatters got in and took it over.

"Frustration. Everybody just says it's unbelievable that this could happen. It's just unreal," they said. Don's eyes welled with tears of anger, shock and grief. They've been fighting to get their house back for more than a month now.

"We just live it every day talking with councilman, talking with police, talking with the sheriff's department and we're the criminals," said Don.

Right now they're living at Debbie's mother's house. She died in December. They moved in after getting a potential buyer for their home but without money from that sale they don't know if they'll be able to afford to keep Debbie's mother's house in the family.

The McGee's have spent the past weeks filing for an emergency hearing, having the squatters served with court documents and they've hired a lawyer. They've spent thousands of dollars. They say the people claim to have a lease.

"It's a crime. They're trespassing. They broke into our house. They were not authorized to occupy that house. If they were defrauded I shouldn't pay the penalty," said Don.

The McGee's have a hearing November 6th. It's the same day City Councilman Taubenberger who they've been working with is holding a hearing on a resolution involving squatters.