Frein researched escaping manhunts before fatal ambush

An anti-government survivalist charged with ambushing two troopers at a state police barracks did research on how to escape a manhunt more than a year before the deadly attack, according to evidence presented Monday at his murder trial.

Last week, Frein's videotaped statement to police -- recorded on the night of his 2014 capture and aired publicly for the first time during his capital murder trial -- offered new details into what the accused sniper was thinking and doing before, during and after the deadly ambush.

It showed he decided to attack a state police barracks only a few days before squeezing the trigger. Also, he was surprised the manhunt for him wasn't more aggressive. And, he feared he'd be shot by police but figured he had it coming.

The trial of an anti-government sharpshooter was postponed for a few hours on April 6, after the suspect was taken to the hospital. Frein's parents said they were told Eric fell while brushing his teeth, and hit his head.