Frustration mounts at COVID-19 vaccination site in Delaware City

Bumper to bumper lines of cars stretched for miles Saturday as chaos descended upon the Delaware DMV turned COVID-19 vaccination site. Some of the state's most vulnerable residents arrived for their appointment only to sit in traffic for hours on end. 

FOX 29 crews watched as every person in line was let in, even an hour and a half after the site in Delaware City was expected to close. Vaccine administration workers stayed late. Some people we spoke with thought it was worth the long wait, others were infuriated. 

"Angry, frustrated. There is no reason for this," one woman said. "So why is it that we have to wait in this crazy line and spend half of our day here trying to get something that should have been in pharmacies, doctors' offices and here we sit." 

Cars line up at a DMV turned COVID-19 vaccination site in Delaware City.

The Delaware Division of Public Health says they offered vaccine appointments to over 11 thousand senior citizens this weekend. 

"It's very poorly organized. I’m going to write letters if I ever get home." 

While Saturday’s lines brought frustration, one healthcare worker driving by said Friday was a completely different scene. 

"It went very smoothly. We were in line for maybe an hour. That was it." 

Roy and Hellen Beatty, both healthcare workers in New Castle County sang sighs of relief after getting their shot and have faith the kinks will work their way out. 

Cars line up at a DMV turned COVID-19 vaccination site in Delaware City.

"You have to understand this is a work in progress," said Roy Beatty. "You have to have patience and it’s worth your time." 

The state is expanded into its second phase of vaccinations for people over the age 65 as well as certain front-line workers such as police and school staff. Approximately 200,000 Delawareans are eligible for vaccinations under this phase.

A total of 13,500 vaccinations are planned for this weekend, with an additional 2,000 Phase 1A healthcare workers slated to get the shots.

The department says those on the waiting list should wait to receive an appointment invitation for a vaccination event listed on the Vaccine Administration Management System.

The Associated Press contributed to this report


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