Philadelphia's high gas prices could jump even higher

Gas prices hit a record high this year and now people have to deal with the prices fluctuating every day. If you got gas on Monday, you probably noticed the prices are slowly creeping up again. 

According to AAA, the average gas price in Pennsylvania is $4.16 per gallon, which is 5 cents lower than it was last week. It’s also down from the record set on March 11 of $4.40 per gallon, but some South Philadelphia residents paid 3 cents more than the record on Monday. 

Randy Neblett, a Northeast Philadelphia resident said, "New Jersey was at $3.99 and up in the northeast where I live, they are around $4.09 for regular. So, this being $4.43 is still kinda high."

2/3 of the price of a gallon is due to the price of oil and the price of oil went up significantly at the start of the Ukraine-Russian war, and has since started to level off. For some people, though, they’re not seeing the price drop they want.  

Many Philadelphia residents are asking questions as to why they see such a drastic change in gas prices when they cross the bridge from New Jersey to Philadelphia. 

Dan Roccato, a Personal Finance Expert with says that we all pay a gas tax, which affects how much we’re paying at the pump, but for Pennsylvanians, they’re paying even more.

"We have a federal gas tax which is about 18 cents a gallon, which applies to everyone," he said. "We also have state gas taxes and Pennsylvania has unfortunately the honor of the third-highest gas tax in the country."

Residents can also expect the price at the pump go up with summer fast approaching. Roccato says that this year we are especially paying more for a cleaner burning fuel for the summer months. 

To save some cash, Rocatto suggests that you use cards that have cash back, search for loyalty programs and skip premium gas and use regular.





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