General knowledge test developed by Professor Cheryl Copeland of Camden County College

1. If a poet refers to Eden in a poem, what is Eden?

2. Who was Walt Whitman?

3. Who was Homer?

4. Name three artists who were painters.

5. Who was Beethoven?

6. Who wrote Huckleberrv Finn?

7. Who was Vincent Van Gogh?

8. What was Moby Dick?

9. Who was Hercules?

10 What does the term ?melting pot? mean?

11 Name three tragedies by William Shakespeare.

12 What does the word ?feline? mean?

13 What does the word ?ambivalent? mean?

14 Who was Dante?

15 What does the word ?ethics? mean?

16 What does the word ?apathy? mean?

17 Who is Toni Morrison?

18 Who was Emily Dickinson?

19 Who was Michelangelo?

20 Who wrote The Raven??

21 What does the word ?metaphor? mean?

22 In The Odyssey, who is Cyclops?

23 Name a third-person plural pronoun that would be the subject of a sentence.

24 ?Necessity is the mother of invention? is a saying that means what?

25 Aqua means what in Latin?

26 Who was Rembrandt

27 Who is Yo Yo Ma?

28 Name one African American painter.

29 Who can sing on a higher scale, a soprano or an alto?

30 Who was Mozart?

31 Who is Bob Dylan?

32 What does the saying a stitch in time saves nine mean?

33 What does the word irony mean?

34 Who was Narcissus?

35 Who was Zeus?

36 In poetry, what does "free verse" mean?

37 What does the saying truth is stranger than fiction mean?

38 Who is Alice Walker?

39 What does the saying, hitch your wagon to a star mean?

40 Who was Rosa Parks?

41 Who was Dr. Martin Luther King?

42 Who was Alexander Hamilton?

43 Who was Confucius?

44 Who was Moses?

45. Who was King Tutankhamun?

46. Who was Julius Caesar?

47. In what decade did us. women get the right to vote?

48. Who was Aristotle?

49. What does the term "the Holocaust" refer to?

50. What is the Quran (sometimes spelled Koran)

51 . Who was Winston Churchill?

52. What was the Titanic?

53. Not including the wives of Presidents, name three famous American women,

living or dead.

54. Who was Marie Antoinette?

55. What was the Industrial Revolution?

56 Where is Ellis Island and what is important about it?

57 Who was W.B.E. DuBois?

58 What is the Parthenon?

59 What does the term "Renaissance" refer to?

60 Who was General Robert E. Lee?

61 What is the difference between a primary election and a general election?

62 How are US Supreme Court justices chosen and for how long?

63 How many Senators are in the US Senate?

64 Name one Senator currently representing the state of New Jersey.

65 Who is the governor of New Jersey?

66 Name the three branches of the US. government.

67 Who is the Republican Vice Presidential candidate for November's election?

68. Who is the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate for November?s election?

69. What is the minimum drinking age in the United States?

70. On what continent is The Sahara Desert?

71 .Name three countries in North America.

72. Name three of America?s Great Lakes.

73. Sacramento is the capital of what US. state?

74. Yellowstone National Park is in what U.S. state?

75. In what country is the Thames River located?

76. In what country is the Nile River located?

77. In what city is The Vatican located?

78. Parallel lines measure degrees of North and South on the Earth. These
degrees are also called what?

79.Name three countries located on the continent of South America.

80. Name three countries located on the continent of Africa.

81. In what U.S. state is the city of Detroit located?

82 Who is Neil Armstrong?

83. Who was Thomas Edison?

84. Who was Isaac Newton?

85. Who was Alexander Fleming?

86. Who was Charles Darwin?

87. How many thousands of dollars are in one million dollars?

88. How many millions of dollars are in one billion dollars?

89. What is .20 in A. a fraction? B. a percentage?

90. How many years are in a decade?

91 . What is a prime number?

92. What percentage makes up a whole?

93. Draw first a parallel set of lines: Then draw a perpendicular set of lines:

94. Define an isosceles triangle.

95. How many degrees are in a right angle?

96. What's the difference between the diameter and the circumference of a circle? Define first diameter and then circumference.

97. Which is the greater amount, .4036 or .3272

98. Which is the greater amount, 1/53 or 1I75

99. In what century was the year 1 863?

100. In miles, how far away is the sun?