Georgia woman turns 105

Jonesboro, Ga.--(WAGA)--A Jonesboro, Georgia, woman will mark a major milestone on Monday. She will be celebrating her 105th birthday and her family couldn't be more proud.

Pearl Duck has live more than ten decades and all together she has more than 200 grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great-grandchild.

Family has already started gathering around her for the big day. Her daughter, Margaret Scott, said she is proud

"We just feel so blessed to have my mother on this earth for 105 years, you know. I mean it's just a real, real blessing," said Scott.

Scott, 72, retired a few years ago and has been visiting her mother and her Aunt Jessie at the Jonesboro Nursing and Rehabilitation Center three times a day every day since.

"I feed her breakfast, lunch, and dinner by choice; I only live close by so that makes it easy," said Scott.

Pearl was born July of 1910. She was one of 6 siblings Scott told FOX 5's Patty Pan that her mother dedicated her life to her family, her children, and then her children's children.

"We're just blessed, even though she not at her full potential now… It's still have her here is a blessing, to have her, the few moments she's alert and talking to you," said Scott.

Pearl's birthday is Monday, but the family is gathering for a huge celebration at Scott's house Saturday afternoon.