Getting around the city day 2 of the DNC

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Day 2 of the DNC has drawn tens of thousands of visitors to downtown Philadelphia between delegates, politicians, celebrities, media and protestors.

"It's a little better today than it was yesterday," said SEPTA's spokeswoman Carla Showell-Lee.

Showell-Lee says street protests have caused service detours, delays and angst amongst riders.

"I think a lot of the angst was that it was hot and they wanted to get somewhere quickly and I would say, 'We're gonna get you there. SEPTA will get you there. You just need to know there are gonna be delays,'" said Showell-Lee.

Oklahoma delegate Laurie Phillips says yesterday she took a cab from the convention center to the Wells Fargo Center and she won't try that again.

"We tried to leave at 2 o'clock. It took us two hours to get here. Then we had to walk a long ways because we took a taxi and it took two hours," she explained.

Phillips says her Uber trip to the convention today was much better. Sharon Coolidge, of Cincinnati, warns heading home after the event Monday night was a nightmare. She says there were limited Uber drivers for the volume of people leaving the arena forced fares to skyrocket.

"Our Uber ride cost $13 during the day to get back and forth which was great - so nice. Last night, they asked us for $166. I know someone who paid $212 for the same $13 ride," said Sharon Collidge from Cincinnati, Ohio.