Girl battling cancer gets visit from One Direction star in hospital

A One Direction fan who is battling cancer got a sweet surprise when one of her idols showed up to her hospital room for a visit.

MacKenzie couldn't make it to One Direction's On the Road Again Tour with her friends, so Liam Payne, a member of the band, came to her hospital room in New York City after the show on September 15.

He then had a chat with her about 1D-related things.

MacKenzie - Kenz - took to Twitter to talk about the experience saying how Liam "legit came to my hospital room at 1:30 in the morning and we just talked for like half an hour about his stories."

Kenz also said, "It was just amazing, he's an amazing person."

According to Seventeen, Kenz's friends took to Twitter as well and they revealed more details about the surprise visit. They say that Liam stayed for an entire half hour and played an unreleased One Direction song for Kenz.

Then, before he left, he signed her hospital pillow before he left, writing, "Sweet dreams MacKenzie xx Liam."