Girl bitten while wading in water at Myrtle Beach

A young girl suffered an injury to her leg after she was apparently attacked by something while wading in the water in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Fellow beachgoers captured video of emergency personnel treating her injured left leg after what the Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue Squad called an "aquatic animal incident." They did not specify if the biting animal was a shark, or something else.

The incident occurred back on July 2 as families swam in the water near Pier 14 Restaurant and Lounge. Cristy Torres, an eyewitness who posted the video, says the girl was bit and her family had yelled for help as they carried her out of the water.

"She seemed to be calm; she was so brave. This was in the section between the skyline wheel and the pier swimming area. Be careful going swimming; watch your kids with much care as possible this was in shallow water. I never thought anyone would actually get attacked with all the warnings of Myrtle beach sharks, but things can really happen SO please BE CAREFUL!" Torres wrote on Facebook.

Local media report the girl was taken to the hospital.