Good Samaritans rescue elderly couple from fire

A fast moving fire ripped through a condo in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. It spread to three other homes.
An elderly couple was in the condo where the fire started and tried to put it out. Fortunately, not one but two neighbors came to the rescue.

Frank Medici and Rich Pikunis are lifesavers. Frank was driving out of his condo complex on Yarmouth Lane in Mt. Laurel around 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon when he noticed a unit was on fire. Without hesitation, he jumped out of his car and ran inside. He found his elderly neighbor in a wheelchair on the second floor. The man's wife tried to put the fire out with a pitcher of water.

"I don't think they realized the severity of the fire and how bad it was and quick it went up. I mean it only took a few minutes," Frank said.

Rich happened to be outside his condo and spotted the smoke and flames about the same time.

"I started running down there. I didn't even have shoes on, but I ran down there. I called 9-11," he explained. "I'm banging on all the doors."

The two friends knew the man had Parkinson's disease and very limited mobility and wasn't going to get out alive on his own.

"It is scary going in, but you just see he couldn't move--put him over my shoulder, which I felt bad doing. But we got him out," Frank said.

A camera captured that moment that Frank got his neighbor out of harm's way.

By then, the fire had started spreading to other units and the fire department arrived to the scene. Thankfully, everyone got out safely.