Good Samaritans save woman pinned beneath car in Hamilton Township

Amazing video shows Good Samaritans saving a woman pinned beneath a car in Hamilton Township.

"The car was smoking. The horn was blaring," said Mariah Gallagher. Police car dash cam video shows exactly what she and her husband Harry saw when they drove up on a bad accident.

"I saw a car with its wheels up in the air," said Harry.

The video begins with a police officer pulling up behind the Gallagher's car. They were first to stop and help a lady pinned beneath her overturned car.

"Oh my gosh there she was right under the car and I'm like right away I try to lift the car all by myself because nobody was there yet. Harry was calling police," said Maria.

"I could see her face. Her legs were like in a strange position. Her arms were out. She kept trying to lift her head out and move but she was moving and I'm like it's ok, it's ok," said Maria.

In seconds others passing by also stopped to help.

"Another lady showed up and then we three lifted the car for a while for a little bit to try and take pressure off," said Harry.

Eventually five people joined in with the Gallaghers to free the woman who police say lost control coming around a curve on Weymouth Road. Hamilton Township Police say she hit a tree and was ejected from the car which then flipped and landed on top of her yesterday afternoon.

"I was in complete panic but I have to get her out. I didn't even worry about my own safety," said Maria.

A day later the Gallaghers are relieved to hear the woman is in critical condition but expected to recover.

"I've been praying and been having my friends pray because it didn't look like it was possible for her to live," said Maria.