Gory Halloween Display Causing a Stir in the Neighborhood

PARMA, CLEVELAND- One Cleveland home is getting lots of attention, as neighbors complain over graphic Halloween decorations that adorn one family's lawn in Parma.

Vicki Barrett's house in Parma is the one getting a lot of attention these days.

Some people don't like the Halloween decorations she has in her front yard.

"This is the third year that we've done it, but for some reason this year we're getting a lot of media over it," Barrett explained.

The display is pretty gory, with dummies covered in blood, wrapped in bags and hanging from trees.

Michael Pasek says it's way too much and worries it'll scare the kids at the elementary school down the street.

"I just think that belongs in a haunted house somewhere rather than perhaps out on the street," said Pasek.

He said if they don't take it down, they should at least try to tone it down.

Barrett says that's not happening.

She says her children haven't had any problems with the display.

"When we put up the display, I don't think we even considered that there was a school there. I think as parents, if my kids were going to that school or if I was someone in the neighborhood, I would just teach my children that this is a Halloween display and I thought other parents would have done the same," she explained.

Julie Austin agrees with Barrett, saying it's the parents job to tell their kids it's fake.

"I think its fine. It's Halloween. I don't see a problem with it. My daughter has watched 'Nightmare on Elm Street' and she's seven. So she's not scared and I think it's all in good fun.'

FOX 8 reached out to city officials in Parma to see what they had to say.

An official explained that Barrett is not breaking any laws and has a right to freedom of expression.

"So we're going to basically go with our freedom of expression and keep everything up and enjoy Halloween," said Barrett.