'Got it!' 4 AC Utility Authority employees wade through trash seeking customer's wedding ring

Most people can agree rooting through the garbage doesn’t sound like a fun Friday activity, but sometimes people have their reasons. In one case, something very important got thrown out.

"We were in the trash from our knees down, just scavenging," Jovani Quiles described.

Knee-deep in a Vineland landfill on a volunteer mission – to find a local woman’s wedding ring, accidentally tossed on trash day.

"Honestly, after an hour, I was about to call it quits. I turned to him, ‘We ain’t gonna find this,’" Jovani commented.

Despite the odds, Atlantic County Utility Authority Supervisor Quiles, lead driver Ramon Nazario and two other workers did not give up. They say they spent their entire lunch break on Friday searching for the wallet which had the ring inside.

"Then one last shot. I told the guy to move the trash a little bit more and we found it," Quiles stated.

And, in an hour and a half, the crew pulled off the impossible.

"Picked it up, said, ‘Yup, got it!’" exclaimed Quiles.

Quiles giving credit to Nazario, as his truck loaded the woman’s trash that morning and he narrowed down the search site.

"If it wasn’t for him knowing where he dumped and what was dumped in truck, probably wouldn’t have found it," Quiles added.

The guys say they were happy to help.

"I wish and hope somebody would do the same for me," Ramon Nazario commented.

The Atlantic County Utility Authority posted praise on its Facebook page to all four workers, all proving their dedication to the community.

"Day in and day out, we try to give it 110 percent," Quiles remarked.



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