Gov. Wolf to allow six-pack sales at Pa. beer distributors

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is ready to sign a bill into law that'll liberalize beer sales laws in the Keystone State.

The bill passed the Senate, 44-4, shortly after it passed the House.

Under the bill, beer distributors would get the authority to sell suds in smaller quantities, including six-packs, and bars could sell alcohol starting at 9am Sundays, without a requirement to serve food.

Distributors had long sought the provisions, and the change emerged after distributors were frozen out of sweeping changes to Pennsylvania liquor laws enacted this summer that allowed wine sales in grocery stores.

It also would let bars sell alcohol starting at 9am Sundays, without a requirement to serve food, and allow consumers to have up to 192 ounces of beer per month shipped directly to their homes from out-of-state wholesalers or retailers.

Sporting venues also could sell mixed drinks.

Gov. Wolf released this statement:

"I have worked hard with Republicans and Democrats in the General Assembly to modernize the sale of liquor, wine, and beer in Pennsylvania in order to bring the commonwealth's wine and spirits system into the 21st century.

"I applaud Republicans and Democrats in both chambers for approving the sale of six-packs of beer at distributors throughout the commonwealth, and I look forward to signing the legislation into law.

"Following my administration's successful efforts to free the six-pack at gas stations across the commonwealth and my work with Republicans and Democrats in the legislature to pass historic liquor reform, this legislation enhances the customer experience by providing greater convenience and satisfaction to the residents of Pennsylvania."