Handgun looks exactly like smartphone

(FOX NEWS) - At least one company in the U.S. is combining technology and weaponry to design a handgun that looks exactly like a smartphone.

Kirk Kjellberg, CEO of Ideal Conceal, the company that created the double barreled .380 caliber, said the idea came from an "embarrassing" situation he found himself in.

"I had gotten my concealed carry permit and was carrying my pistol with the requisite jacket over the top, and somehow or another it got caught on the pistol," he told Stuart Varney. "A young boy saw me in the middle of a restaurant and shouted out very loudly and excitedly 'Mommy, Mommy, that guy's got a gun.' The whole restaurant of course looked at me, so I was like there's got to be some other way to do this, and that's how it came about."

The firearm currently retails at $395 and is available in 48 states, according to Kjellberg, who said the company won't sell internationally until next year. Kjellberg said the smartphone-styled gun will be available to purchase on the Web.

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