Hank's Take: The Belly Flop Contest

In King of Prussia, they want to know who has the best belly flop.

FOX 29's Hank Flynn stepped up for the only real way to cover the challenge - getting up high and tasting the pain.

The reigning champ is the Hebrew Hammer and he led things off with a ceremonial first flop. He's semi-retired, but a good guy to go to for advice.

"You see all the people? You got to make them work for you. And, you got to get a good flop. You got to go BOOOOOMMMMM and look at the ground. You got to commit 110 percent," said Hebrew Hammer.

From Sexy Chewbacca, who needed a translator to speak, to Leather Larry, a buck sixty soaking wet, maybe, but with high concept and what could only be God-given belly flop talent. Steve Morrison says that alone can win the day.

"We've had dudes win this who are, like, 150 pounds. So, in a way, it defies all of your expectations. And, it's the thing that we love the most. It's flat-out stupid," said Steve Morrison.

Guy Fieri did his best, but the crowd gave him the Heisman. Pro wrestler Yanz the Working Man made the finals with a patented Powerpool Aquablast. There was Rocky, who painted a target on his belly.

The guys competing are pro-level. Hank Flynn practiced, but ultimately felt outclassed.

"Flyin' Flynn. Ooooohhhh! Not bad. Not great, but not bad," said Morrison.

Then it was playoff time with Yanz the Working Man against Leather Larry and The Nutty Irishman, who's pushing four bills and moves water like Moses splitting the Red Sea. No losers, only winners and Nutty Irishman sealed the deal with a Gaelic gully washer.

"Three flops today, I actually practiced at my buddy Doug's house, off a diving board. I wanted to get more of a launch angle," said The Nutty Irishman.

Sometimes, people have to go there and that means leading with the belly. And, don't tell anyone how to belly flop unless one has experience with it. It's harder than it looks because everyone knows the consequences.