Pa. health officials urge safety measures to protect kids too young for COVID vaccine

Health officials offered advice for parents with children under 12-years-old who are now ineligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

At a meeting at the Please Touch Museum, officials said they agree with keeping up social distancing practices while they urged parents to protect their children from the virus.

Tracy Jordan, the father of 5-year-old Trayvon, says because of his son’s young age, they are still wearing masks and keeping distance. He also says they don’t go to places where many people are.

 "Children between the ages of two and 12 who cannot yet get vaccinated should wear a face covering in public settings at events and gatherings and anywhere they’ll be around others outside of their household," said Meg Snead, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Acting Secretary.

 They are also recommended to play outside, according to health officials, and should do so in small gatherings with fully vaccinated family and friends.

 The advice comes as schools close and children gather in recreational centers, parks, and playgrounds.

 Acting Pa. Physician General Dr. Denise Johnson explained, "Not only do the vaccines protect you they also will protect children who can’t get vaccinated.

 91-year-old Callalily Cousar serves hungry kids in the city’s summer feeding program. She said she is excited to hug the kids now that she has received a vaccine.

"We want to hug the kids," Cousar said.

"And, you were scared you could give the kids COVID?" asked FOX 29’s Jeff Cole.

"That’s right. I was scared it wouldn’t be safe to hug them," Cousar replied.

"They said you could?" Cole followed up.

"Said I could," was Cousar’s answer.

"How’s that make you feel?" Cole asked.

"Makes me feel great, because I’m a hugger," Cousar stated.

Philadelphia’s Acting Health Commissioner Cheryl Bettigole says she hopes for a vaccine for kids under 12-years-old.



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